Assembly of God Leung Sing Tak Primary School

School Profile


It has been more than 20 years since the school was founded. It has grown up with the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and has undergone education reform. The school was founded in September 1997 as a standard government-funded full-time primary school. It carries forward the mission of running the school and provides students with high-quality primary education. The goal is to actively promote student morality, academic work and activities.

The school management committee fully supports the reform and development of the school. In order to improve the quality of overall education, the school has made great efforts to implement self-evaluation in recent years, and has formulated a three-year development plan, school affairs plan and school affairs report in accordance with its own school conditions and development needs. . In addition, the external evaluation team affirmed the contribution of the school management committee. In addition to giving positive evaluations to the school, it also made suggestions for improvement to the school’s problems, so that the school could manage the administrative structure, cater for individual differences among students, curriculum linkages, and enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching. Can be reviewed and improved.

In line with the trend of small-class teaching, the school has allocated resources to continue the small-class teaching plan many years ago. It has been extended to the sixth grade. It focuses on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude according to the learning needs of individual students. It also adopts a cooperative learning method that focuses on children and allows students to learn from activities. Study, cultivate the spirit of self-study, reduce the pressure of learning, and enhance the intellectual development of students; in addition, the school has established a complete school reward plan, adopting a policy of more rewards and less punishment, so that students can develop a noble character that loves the school, obeys the rules, and is positive and enterprising. . In addition, the school attaches great importance to home-school cooperation and communication. Through parental participation in school activities such as orientation day, parent day, seminars, parent-child activities, etc., parents are aroused to care about their children’s growth and education, and parents’ understanding of school culture and establishment Parent-child relationship. The school’s parent-child reading plan has been very effective, and many students have been commended. This is because parents help children set reading time and cultivate their children’s interest in reading, which is of great benefit to students learning to learn. As for the parent-teacher association of our school, it also plays the role of a bridge, connecting parents and the school, and working hard for the growth of students.

At present, the school is actively developing school-based curricula and implementing curriculum reforms, and has allocated additional resources to develop multimedia classrooms and update computer equipment throughout the school to improve the school’s IT facilities. From information technology teaching, reading award schemes, curriculum adjustments, school-based curriculum design, civic education classes, growth classes, special learning days and outdoor learning, clear learning goals are set for students, so that teaching, learning and assessment have a clear basis. Looking forward to the future, the school expects home-school cooperation to work together to improve the quality of students, so that our next generation can thrive in a high-quality learning environment.


A booklet introduces the general situation of the school. More detailed information is posted on the school's website The information is updated from time to time. Welcome to browse. 

Our school staff provide efficient and courteous services to receive visiting parents and people from all walks of life. If necessary, they can also arrange appointments with the principal and teachers. Every year, at least three school activities are arranged for parents to participate in to promote home-school communication and cooperation. Reports are issued four times a year to let parents know the progress and performance of their children in school. School activities are in written form to keep in touch with parents to ensure that parents understand their children’s school activities. If a student is absent from class for no reason, the school will call the student’s home before 10 am today to find out the situation. The school has a diet monitoring team to ensure the healthy diet of students. The school’s central library and computer room are open to students and parents in need after class. Our school has dedicated teachers who are responsible for the operation and supervision of the babysitter car to protect students' traffic safety. In the event of inclement weather, the school will take appropriate measures according to the situation to ensure the safety of students. The school has formulated a homework policy to arrange appropriate homework for students. The school has homework tutoring classes, where teachers from the school and professional institution tutors will jointly guide students' homework; it also organizes multiple volunteer training groups and workshops to cultivate students' spirit of caring for lower grades and serving others.