Assembly of God Leung Sing Tak Primary School

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Incorporated Management Committee (IMC)

In order to promote the joint participation of multiple parties in school decision-making and enhance the transparency and accountability of school management, the Education Bureau requires all aided schools in Hong Kong to establish an incorporated management committee to manage the school before July 1, 2009.

The school formally established the "Incorporated Management Committee" on August 30, 2008. By inviting stakeholders (sponsoring bodies, principals, teachers, parents, alumni, and community members) to form an Incorporated Management Committee to participate in school-based management. Further improve the school's effectiveness and performance.

Since the establishment of the school, the school has been providing high-quality primary education, actively promoting students' morality, school work and activities as the school's academic policy, and becoming a high-quality school that provides students with holistic education. Students have a high academic value-added rate, outstanding achievements, and good conduct. The school-running philosophy and achievements are well recognized by all walks of life. After the establishment of the Incorporated Management Committee, the school is committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning, enhancing administrative efficiency, and mobilizing all members of the school to develop the school together to strive for excellence and provide better education to the younger generation.

Member of the Incorporated Management Committee of the school

Honorary SupervisorMs. Leung Sing Tak
School supervisorPastor Zhang Honghua
School managerPastor Zhang Honghua
Ms. Ou Huizhen
Mr. Guo Zhixiong
Pastor Cai Jingan
Ms. Wu Xiuming
Mr. Bi Yaogang
Ms. Wu Huiling
Alternative school managerMs. Siu Xiaoyan
Course ManagerMs. Zhang Lijun
2018-2020 Teacher managerDirector Feng Qiwen
2018-2020 replacement teacher managerDirector Cen Yongzhong
2018-2020 Parent ManagerMs. Huang Guixiang
2018-2020 Alternative Parent ManagerMr. Huang Xuhan
Independent school managerMr. Feng Guohua
Independent school managerMs. Ai Ling Ho

Constitution of the Incorporated Management Committee of the School