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Job Application Form

1. 各科常額/合約教師(2024-25學年)

  • 須具教育局認可資歷
  • 須達語文基準(英文、普通話科)
  • 須在《基本法及香港國安法》測試取得及格成績

2. 合約普通話教師(2024-25學年)

  • 任教普通話科,已獲普通話基準
  • 須訓練及帶領學生參加比賽和活動
  • 有教學經驗者優先
  • 須在《基本法及香港國安法》測試取得及格成績

3. NET Teachers (Funding Post 2024-2025)

  • Applicants are expected to report duty in August 2024
  • Applicants should be a native-speaker of English or possess native-speaker English competence
  • Applicants should passed Basic Law and National Security Law Test
  •  bachelor’s degree in English from a Hong Kong University or equivalent
  • A recognized teacher training qualification in primary education is preferred
  • Experience in teaching English as a second/foreign language is preferred
  • Cantonese fluency is an advantage but not a must

4. 校務處文員

  • 負責處理校務處文書工作
  • 一般學童事務及解答查詢
  • 具基本電腦應用技能


1. 非教學人員職位申請表
2. Application for Teaching Staff
3. 教師職位申請表

有意者請具履歷、近照連同申請表格 (請於學校網頁下載: , 關於本校 > 職位申請表)及有關經驗,電郵至,合則約見。(請註明應徵職位)Please email your full resume, recent photo (compulsory), application form (Please download the form from the school website: ABOUT US > Job Application Form) & relevant experience to