Assembly of God Leung Sing Tak Primary School

English Mathematics

ObjectivesRelated Activities
(1) Stimulate the interest of pupils to learn mathematics, develop their understanding and acquisition of basic mathematical concepts and computational skill in English● Class activities including using online app or games

● The teacher has to speak and use English as frequently as possible, not only for instructional purposes, but also for carrying out daily classroom routines, organizing teaching activities and providing opportunities for exposure to the learners

● Encourage student to speak English in class

● Using E-booklets for P4 and P5 students
(2) Develop pupils’ number sense and spatial sense, and their ability to appreciate patterns and structures of number and shapes.● Students needed to finish the exercise on Planetii once a week
(3) Enable students to link up the Syllabus in Secondary School.● Enhance the P6 Syllabus which relative to Secondary School.