Assembly of God Leung Sing Tak Primary School


ObjectivesRelated Activities
(1) Incorporate E-learning into English learning● Participate in an e-reading program – i-learner.

● Remind and encourage students to finish two i-learner exercises once a week.

● P.4-P.5 students use e-textbook during English lesson.

● Encourage students to complete the online exercises in their SDL booklet.

● “E-learning” is one of topics of Teachers’ Professional Sharing Sessions.
(2) Reading across curriculum● Remind and encourage students to read both fiction and non-fiction text types e.g. books, magazines, news articles, posters, etc to different parties every day.

● Do Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) every day. (Applicable to P.4-P.6)

● Marks of EPIC presentation will be counted 10% towards the oral paper in 2nd Term of P.4, P.5 and P.6.

● NET will coteach a school-based English curriculum module with P.4-P.6 teachers each term, providing students with opportunity to use the target language in different learning experience; read and produce information texts.
(3) Develop better writing skills● Develop school-based writing booklet for each writing unit.

● Co-planning meetings each week are to be focused on designing quality pre- and post-writing tasks.

● Show analyzed model writing.

● Common mistake analysis.
(4) Enhance the quality of teaching and learning● Each teacher upload at least two sets of teaching resources e.g. Powerpoints, lesson plans per year, enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

● NET coteach with LET in WISER and EPIC programme.

LstCloud_Teaching Resources → LST Subject →English→(8) Teaching Resources Bank→ Title_Name of setter (e.g. Preposition of time_Fung Yee Man)