Assembly of God Leung Sing Tak Primary School

International Campus

Recently renovated in 2021, LST international campus experience offers a diversified learning experience for all the students in the school. Teaching an IB style curriculum to the upper primary students through the school-based programme, EPIC and incorporating parts of the EDB programme, DTS, students enjoy lessons following the school-based programme, WISER. The programmes ignite an enthusiasm for learning and propel students to succeed. The English department hires a team of NETs who come from various English-speaking countries including, England and the United States. The NETs are professional and experienced trained teachers who are continuously working on new and engaging ways to enrich the English environment around the school. They are involved in co-planning and co-teaching with the Local English Teachers in all the lessons to ensure the students are well catered for.

EPIC (English Project-based International Curriculum) is a school-based programme that follows the approach of an inquiry-based curriculum (IB curriculum). It is also supported by the EDB’s DTS programme (Development of Text Sets) by modifying lesson materials and utilising resources. Teachers frequently attend professional development sessions to further their knowledge then share their inspiration with colleagues encouraging a holistic approach and reading across the curriculum. EPIC is an excellent way for students to develop their independent learning skills and have more autonomy within their learning experience. The goals of EPIC are:

• Leadership skills 

• Apply and share relevant knowledge 

• Employ a collaborative attitude 

• Solving problems creatively

• Identify their skills and talents as well as the skills and talents of others 

• Making fair and just decisions

• Facing challenges as a team

EPIC allows students to choose as a team what they will research and who will write about it. It encourages extended reading from multiple text types. It enables students to be involved in how much they want to dive into a topic. EPIC simulates real-life decision-making skills, teaches students to be responsible for their outcome, and encourages team members to try their best.   

The WISER Programme is the school’s reader-based curriculum to give lower primary students the jump start they love. It includes shared reading and extended reading lessons, phonics-focused lessons and fun learning lessons to teach grammar with many language games and songs. Teachers provide scaffolding during class writing lessons to ensure students can complete group writing and individual writing, whilst allowing capable students to be creative using more vocabulary. The WISER programme aims to:

• Excite students curiosity towards learning English

• Motivate students

• Encourage participation and self-expressing in a caring, joyful environment 

The English department has begun working with the renowned Nord Anglia International School to share teaching and administrative experiences with the vision of offering a cultural exchange for all students where they each can learn the perspective of a local Hong Kong student and an International Hong Kong student. Teachers from both schools can share their approach to planning and delivering modules and lessons as well as sharing resources. 

Our vision is to learn from the best and apply an international atmosphere in a local government school to provide a world-class learning environment to Hong Kong students.